WI-150 Ultra Low Power Weight Indicator


Features & Benefits:

Factory Mutual approved -The WI-150 Weight Indicator has been tested and accepted for hazardous environments including the following location classifications: Class I (gases), Divisions I and II; Groups A, B, C, and D; Class II (dusts), Divisions I and II, Groups E, F and G; and Class III (fibers), Divisions I and II.

Versatile - The WI-150 can operate from a BP-150 Battery Pack or from a PS-150 AC to DC Power Supply with barrier located in a safe area. Use the indicator for simple scale operations or link it with computers, printers and other data-gathering devices.

Front panel configuration - All calibration and programming is done through the front panel.

Menu driven - Simplifies the operation of the WI-150. Just press the MENU key and cycle through the available function choices. Adapt the menu to your operation during configuration. Select only the options you want to appear under MENU key.

Security code - Protects configuration, calibration, and user data from unauthorized tampering.

Selectable units of measure - Configure the WI-150 to measure in pounds, kg, or even gallons with programmable density.

Selectable tare operation - Select pushbutton tare and/or up to 10 keyboard tare registers.

Battery saver - Low-power A to D converter for the battery pack version. Conserves battery life with one-eighth duty cycle load cell drive.

Sleep mode - Extends battery life on battery pack versions. Programmable for virtually any interval of scale idleness.

Battery backed up RAM - Protects tare and pushbutton zero information. EEPROM stores configuration and calibration data. Options Fiber optics data interface card - Installs in the WI-150 Indicator to facilitate transmission of signals through a fiber optics cable to receiving circuitry in a safe area. Includes time and date.

Print formatting - Customize your printout with company name, message, character size and location, etc. right from the indicator.

Heavy-duty swivel mounting stand - Adjust the display quickly to the best sight line.

RFI protection - It provides stable weight readings in environments with moderately high levels of RFI radiation.