WI-130 Indicator

The WI-130 Weight Indicator has established itself as one of the most valuable problem solving tools the weighing industry has to offer. Part of its success lies in its built-in versatility. Its dual communication ports let it talk to one scale or control a whole system.

The instrument you will reprogram as your needs change-but never replace.

Total programmability: Every application a perfect fit.

Its dot matrix display lets the user choose from over thirty standard display formats:
One, two, three or four lines of displayed weight and text
Bar graphs
Operator messages
Over and under indication
Graphic symbols or logos

Most importantly, the WI-130 is totally programmable. If you need an automated checkweighing system, you call your Weigh-Tronix distributor who comes to your site and learns your processes. You say how it needs to work and what equipment needs to operate together as a system. Your local distributor provides the necessary programming to fit the WI-130 to your application.

Then, a year later when you change a process and you need a single indicator to monitor four different scales, or you need an automated filling system, you work with your local distributor to fit the instrument to the new process.