WI-125SST Indicator with Keypad and Stainless Steel Enclosure


Features & Benefits:

Six function keys - No confusing functions. Train operators in minutes.

Nema 4X washdown - Stainless steel enclosure provides corrosion and washdown resistant to rough indoor and outdoor use.

Surface-mounted components - Provides extra stability to circuitry resulting in high reliability.

Easy-to-read display - Eight .6-inch high LCD digits with back-lighting for low-light locations.

Two methods of tare entry - Use pushbutton TARE key or numeric keypad.

RS-232 serial port - Interface with printers and computers.

Print formatting - Customize your printout with company name, message, character size and location, etc. right from the indicator.

Heavy-duty swivel mounting stand - Adjust the display quickly to the best sight line.

RFI protection - It provides stable weight readings in environments with moderately high levels of RFI radiation. Options Time and date