WI-105 Indicator

Process Weighing Instrument

Compact panel design

LED display

Serial interface
Advanced micro-controller indicator system.
Targeted at simple process weighing applications.
Up to a maximum of 50,000 displayed increments.
Serial output of displayed weight.
Can be matched to a wide range of load cell types and load systems with up to four load cells (nominal 350 ohm), using a single input.
Non-volatile memory for storage of parameters (E2).

Features and benefits

Four function keys-No confusing functions. Train operators in seconds.

LED display-Bright, crisp, fast-reading. Speeds weighing process and reduces operator error.

Panel mount enclosure- Designed specifically for panel mounting (1/8 DIN).

RS-232 serial port- Provides link with printers and computers.


12 vdc operation
Peak / valley hold
RS-485 instead of RS-232
Analog output
Four cutoffs
Protective Cover


Power requirements:
Standard: 95-265 AC/DC, 8VA typical Optional: 12 VDC, 8VA typical

Excitation:10 VDC supports up to four 350-ohm weight sensors

Operational keys: ZERO, TARE, PRINT, TRIPS (cutoff)

Display:5-1/2 digits (199999), Seven segment bright red LED 0.56" high

Display update rate:Five times per second

Display resolution:Up to 50,000 divisions

Capacity selections:199,999 with decimal located from zero to five places

Minimum signal / increment: Sensitivity 0.5 V per increment

Increment selections: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100

Analog to digital:24 bit sigma delta, 8,000,000 internal resolution

Operating environment:85% non-condensing humidity, -10 to 50 C (14 to 122 F)

Serial outputs: RS-232 with optional RS-485

Capabilities: continuous output
output on demand via print button
output on demand via serial request