SteelBridge XT Series Steel Deck Truck Scale

The SteelBridge XT is a premium-performance scale so durable, so reliable, itís in a class all its own. Itís engineered to withstand all the heavy, frequent, day-to-day traffic your business can give it, yet it requires only minimal maintenance. Used alone or as the hub of a diverse system of electronics, you can count on it to be around for a very long time.

In your choice of steel deck or concrete deck, the SteelBridge XT is the result of more than 25 years of experience and expertise, rolled into a truly outstanding work of technology.

In an increasingly competitive, demanding marketplace, every piece of equipment has to work harder and provide more payback.Without a doubt, this one will.

Engineered-in strength and durability.
The SteelBridge XT is the heaviest truck scale in the business, making it remarkably durable. The amount of structural steel used in its design gives the deck uncommon rigidity and minimizes deck deflection. Thatís part of the reason why weíre able to guarantee an unsurpassed, 15-year weigh-bridge warranty. And itís the reason why youíll be able to handle heavy loads year after year.

Designed to be part of a complete system. Simple, stand-alone weighing products are no longer enough. Todayís truck scales must be compatible with a variety of peripheral components for current and future systems requirements.

The SteelBridge XT is fully capable of functioning as the hub of a system linking indicators, ticket printers, infrared technology, a programmable logic controller, computers and remote displays. Whether you choose to employ one or several options right now, youíll always have the flexibility to add and change peripherals as your business demands.

For reliability, our Weigh Bar carries more weight.
Nothing on the market is more reliable than our exclusive Weigh Bar electronic weight sensor. Known throughout the world for its rugged durability, the design of the Weigh Bar allows it to absorb impact loading and withstand 2 million fatigue life cycles while remaining accurate and repeatable.

In fact, the Weigh Bar has proven to be nearly 10 times more reliable than conventional load cells. In a three-year study on 250 truck scales, the Weigh Bar exhibited an annual failure rate of just 0.31 percent-compared with an industry average of three to five percent for load cells.

Machined from aircraft-quality alloy steel, each unit goes through a three-step process of heat treating, quenching and tempering for strength, repeatability, and low hysteresis. Precision strain gauges are then mounted to the steel surface and wired into a bridge circuit. After temperature compensation for both no-load output and span, the strain gauges are sealed under a layer of exceptionally tough, two-part polysulfide. The Weigh Bars are then primed, sealed again and painted.

The Weigh Bar is able to withstand the challenges of normal environmental hazards, including everyday jolts, moisture penetration, lightning, and voltage surges.

Thanks to their durability, Weigh Bar load cells will need replacement far less frequently, providing a significant cost savings.

On a scale of 1 to 10, service support is right at the top.
The SteelBridge XT is designed specifically to simplify troubleshooting and minimize maintenance.

However, for warranty service or those times when you need parts and service support, youíre never far away from an authorized Weigh-Tronix distributor. We have 250 select representatives throughout the U.S., and more than 500 around the world.

These experts are on-call to assist with on-site service or questions 24 hours a day. Because theyíre dedicated to keeping your scale up and running, theyíll make sure you get the help and parts you need as quickly as possible.

You have the assurance of ISO 9001 quality.
Designing, producing and delivering quality products is a Weigh-Tronix tradition. So weíre especially proud that weíve achieved ISO 9001.

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