Sartorius YCO0 IS Analogue Digital Transmitter


Configurable analog/digital converter, YCO01IS-0CE and YCO02IS, allows strain-gauge load cells from other manufacturers to be connected to Sartorius industrial terminals of the isi Series.

• Easy-to-install module
• Ultrafast measurement
• Excellent stability of the measured values
• For weighing capacities up to 60 t, i.e. all commercially available load cells can be connected
• Suitable for equipment with 4- and 6-conductor technology
• Can be configured via an isi terminal that is used as a display and control unit for weighing platforms and scales that have a resolution of up to 1 x 3,000e, 1 x 6,000e in accuracy classes III and IIII.
• Can be used for up to 60,000d as a single-range or multi-interval weighing instrument (not for legal metrology/not legal for trade)
• IP65-protected; approved for zone 2 hazardous areas; with certificate issued by the German Association for Technical Inspection and Safety