Sartorius SartoPac Basic


The space-saving and future-proof alternative that offers you quality control in compliance with the prevailing prepackage regulations, European Pharmacopoeia and SPC. This configuration lets you take samples at the production line or in the QA laboratory and document and evaluate them - even in the tightest corner.

• Base data inputs for up to 100 products
• Machine adjustment instructions directly after sampling for more efficient use of raw materials
• Input capability for operator and machine base data
• Input capability of "real" product names
• Short- and long-term statistics for 100% control of your filling and manufacturing process
• Ensures traceability production by ID inputs and evaluation of individual lots
• Various tare modes
• isoTEST function for controlling the accuracy of the measuring equipment, ISO-compliant by simply pressing a key
• Clear, easy-to-understand operator guidance
• Main functions can be selected at the touch of a key
• Industrial-grade protection against dust and liquids
• Easy networking capability for integration into higher-level quality assurance systems
• Options on request:
Expanded memory for up to 500 product base data.
Tablet feeder YTF01.