Sartorius Profibus-Adapter


Optimized with respect to speed and minimal connections costs, this PROFIBUS variant is tailored to communication between automation systems and their distributed peripheral devices (e.g., scales) at the field level. PROFIBUS-DP is a good supersede for conventional, parallel signal transmission arrangements with 24 volt or 0-20 mA. PROFIBUS-DP is designed for rapid exchange of data at the field level, where such central control devices as PLC/PC communicate with distributed field devices (I/O, drives, valves, scales, ...) via a fast, serial connection. Data exchange with the distributed devices is primarily cyclical by nature. The requisite communication functions are defined by the basic PROFIBUS-DP functions as per EN 50 170.

Acyclical communication functions are also needed for parameterization, diagnosis and alerting in the course of cyclical data traffic involving intelligent field devices. These functions are defined in PROFIBUS guideline no. 2.042. Sartorius provides these functions to enable connection of its scales to a Siemens S7 setup.

The equipment supplied includes the adapter (hardware) and a user's manual with software disk with function blocks (FB) for SIMATIC S7 and Freelance 2000 (ABB).