Sartorius Model LMA300P


Sartorius Laboratory Moisture Analyzer Analyzer for indirect measurement of the moisture content by means of microwave resonance technology. Non-destructive measurement performed in less than one second. Can be used for pourable and granulated products, e.g., viscous liquids, such as whitewash and other similar materials. Capacity of the sample applicators: 25/400 ml. The analyzer is operated using a color display with a touch screen or an external PC keyboard. Modular design, consisting of control unit LMA300PA and sensor module LMA300PR (other sensor modules are available on request).

Measuring time < 1 second

Color and surface structure of the sample do not have any effect on the measurement

Non-destructive measurement

To operate the analyzer, prior calibration based on a measurement method with absolute accuracy (oven drying, infrared gravimetric or microwave drying or coulometric measuring) is required