Sartorius Midrics Weighing Platform


Sartorius Midrics offer you a wide variety of platforms. You can even select from two different types of indicator. These can be base-mounted at the front of the platform, column-mounted for a raised display, or mounted on a wall using special brackets that are available separately.

* Painted versions have an IP65 protection rating and are therefore suited for industrial use
* Stainless steel versions have IP67|IP68 protection ratings and are therefore suited for industrial use in wet environments (stainless steel 1.4301/AISI 304)
* 10 weighing capacities ranging from 3 kg to 3 t
* 13 platform sizes
* 2 versions for use in legal metrology of accuracy class III, resolution of 3000 e and 2 + 3000 e or standard resolution (15000 d)
* 4 x adjustable feet, level indicator on LCE and NCE