Sartorius LA Reference


Sartorius LA Reference - gives you what's really important for accomplishing weighing tasks proficiently.

Reliability without any compromises. Error-free input of data and parameters using ergonomic, tactile keys. Clear readouts on the straightforward, high-contrast graphical display. A metal housing, proprietary monolithic weigh cell technology and a high-grade keypad overlay give the balance the resilience it needs to stand up to tough daily use. The monolithic weigh cell manufactured with the highest level of precision delivers weighing results with the same high precision with the fastest response time. Extensive user support. Ideal for complex applications and use in quality management systems.

Special features of the LA analytical balances:

Fully automatic calibration and adjustment function, isoCAL. Alternatively, calibration times (3 times max.) can be entered at which the balance will be daily calibrated and adjusted.

ISO/GLP-compliant recording/printouts with memory for up to 50 ISO/GLP-compliant calibration/adjustment records

Total ease of operation by plain-text prompts; convenient alphanumeric ID input capability

SQmin function for displaying the allowable minimum sample weight according to the United States Pharmacopeia (activated by Sartorius Service)

Continuous display of the measurement uncertainty according to the German Calibration Service DKD (activated by Sartorius Service)

Especially large draft shield chamber with optimally accessible weighing pan

"Cool" display technology - minimizes the effect of heat on the microclimate inside the draft shield chamber on analytical balances

Built-in application programs: density determination, statistics, calculation by a factor, animal weighing and weigh averaging for extremely unstable conditions, weighing, counting (with optimized reference sample updating), net-total formulation, weighing in percent