Sartorius Extend ED


Sartorius Extend analytical balances/ ED models. The new high achievers in lab routines.

The new Sartorius Extend series has been specially developed to enable you to cope effectively and reliably with daily routine lab tasks. Powerful technology, application-oriented operation and features, combined with high quality and workmanship, make the Sartorius Extend an indispensable tool that you can depend on, day in and day out.

If you add up all the features, Sartorius Extend offers you advantages that pay for themselves time and again, every day. The balances come standard with the following performance features, among others:

Backlit, high-contrast display with 15 mm digits; exceptionally easy to read under any room lighting conditions

New operating concept: easy configuration of the individual settings guided by short, menu-driven text prompts (choice of 5 languages) and simple navigation using cursor keys

Large, sturdy and nearly frameless, all-glass draft shield chamber on 0.1-mg models, for optimal viewing of the weighing chamber. The draft shield doors and all stainless steel parts of the weighing chamber base are easy to remove in just a few steps for cleaning.

Built-in, motorized calibration weight: max. weighing accuracy and max. ease of operation at the touch of a key.

RS-232C bidirectional interface port; optional Sartorius cable for connection of the balance to a USB port

Total ease of operation. All keys have positive click action. Clearly structured control panel.