RL IQ Plus 710 Digital Weight Indicator

RL IQ Plus 710 Digital Weight Indicator

• Stainless steel NEMA 4X/IP66 washdown enclosure

• Large 0.75" (19 mm) Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) with 16 characters for operator prompting

• Selectable analog to digital measurement rate

• 5-point linearization calibration

• 4 macros, 30 steps each, ability to interconnect macros with setpoints (macro can start batch setpoints)

• 8 digital inputs plus 8 digital outputs

• 60 16-character programmable fields for display prompts

• Power for eight 350 ohm load cells or sixteen 700 ohm load cells

• Expanded 29-key alphanumeric keyboard

• Full alphanumeric keyboard for entering truck ID, numbering, prompts, and more

• 300-ID truck in/out programs (six modes), 7 characters

• Batching and continuous mode setpoint functions

• Programmable consecutive numbering

• Two communication ports: (1) EDP port, full duplex RS-232 or RS-485, (1) printer port, simplex RS-232 or 20 mA

• Operate, configure, and calibrate via 2 interfaces: front panel (keyboard & display) or EDP serial command port (RS-232, RS-485)

• Six 300-character programmable output formats, independent transmission to EPD or printer port

• 300-character alphanumeric ├Čtitle block├« for custom printouts

• Completely menu driven

• Angled/sloped keypad for user comfort

• Time and date

• Accumulator