QTLTSC Legal-for-Trade with SimulCast

QTLTSC is not just another lift truck scale
QTLTSC--It stands for QuickTach Lift Truck Scale, Certified. The QTLTSC is legal for trade. Its 0.1% accuracy is the product of Weigh Bar weight sensors specifically designed for the system, a new summing assembly, and angle detection software that lets the QTLTSC perform like an accountant even on unlevel surfaces.

Field serviceability
One of the high priorities in the design of the Weigh-Tronix Lift Truck Scale was that the scale should be field serviceable. An idled lift truck scale sitting in a repair shop six hundred miles away is not making you any money. Itís a drain on your resources.

To accomplish their goal, designers chose not to use the traditional welded flexures to secure the double carriage scale. Instead, the Weigh Bar sensors link the front and back plates of the carriage assembly.

All system elements are designed for quick on-site service. Even the interface cable for the QTLTSC has quick disconnects; cables can be replaced in seconds or repaired in the field with cutting and splicing.

Many of the components, such as the angle detection and Weigh Bar summing assembly and indicator, can be field diagnosed and repaired or swapped out.

The Weigh-Tronix QTLTSC pays back fast

Unloading trucks - Confirm that the quantities you ordered are the quantities you receive as you unload. No extra steps.

Loading trucks - Use the instant weight data to load evenly and legally. Avoid overload fines and unsafe operation.

Shipping - Verify the accuracy of your customersí estimated shipping weights. Document discrepancies. Correct the transfer charges when you find a different weight.

Manufacturing - Help track inventories and save steps as product flows between departments. Your forklift equipped with a QTLTSC will instantly document the weight of material as it is picked up for transport. No costly guess work; no extra trips to a remote floor scale.

Independent Discrimination Compensation (IDC) adds versatility
A traditional problem with fork lift scales has been that any change in fork position affects accuracy of the readings. QTLTSC designers have met this challenge. A combination of carriage assembly design, angle detection mechanism and the Weigh Bar summing assembly provides the lift truck scale system with IDC or Independent Discrimination Compensation. The automatic system compensation allows the QTLTSC to provide 0.1% accuracy with changing fork positions, with wheels on unlevel surfaces, or with the Turn conventional lift trucks into mobile scales for greater efficiency and tighter inventory control. Features & Benefits Save time - Eliminate trips to the floor scale. Your forklift becomes a scale.

Tighten inventory controls - Eliminate guess-work and human error. Automatic weighing simplifies record keeping.

Eliminate downtime - Patented solid steel Weigh Bar weight sensors and a rugged electronic indicator. No moving parts, electromechanical devices or hydraulics to adjust or service.

Convert existing equipment - Weigh-Tronix lift truck scales are designed for ITA Class II and Class III cleat type lift trucks.

Select permanent or Quick-Tach model - Install by bolting directly to the existing carriage or use Quick Tach mount which enables the rapid transfer to other forklifts.

Interface cable selection - Coiled cable suitable for fifteen foot lift height or telephone-style, retractile cable for eight foot maximum lift.