QC3275 Checkweigher Medium Capacity


Features & Benefits

Graphic weight display - Four color weight display tells operator at a glance if weight is within range, over, or under.

20 adjustable tilt display - For optimum viewing angle and operating efficiency.

Simple setup - With a few keystrokes, you set target weight, tolerances, enter tare weight, or select unit of measure.

Four units of measure - Select to read in pounds, ounces, kilograms, or grams for added versatility.

Rugged electronics enclosure - Stainless steel enclosure seals electronics from moisture and protects from damage due to impact.

Single Weigh Bar design - No moving parts for low maintenance. Proven resistance to washdown. Suitable for food processing environments.

Filtering - Select for maximum speed when weighing environment is free from excessive vibration. Select for more stability when conditions are less than ideal.

Extended resolution - Standard resolution is 3,000d. Selectable to 5,000d.

Options Keypad remote control - Supervisor can control the setup values on single or multiple 3275s by locking out setup keys. Gives added security to checkweighing functions.

Software - Statistical, multi-setup, zone classifier, percent, and lb/oz programs available for a variety of applications.

RS-232 or RS-485 outputs - For interface with computers, printers or other data collection devices.

Compact printers - For printing statistical information.

Scale Cart - Stainless steel cart on casters. Provides stable weighing surface and easy transport of scale.