Pallet Scale

he Weigh-Tronix Pallet Scale is the latest scale built for trouble free service in material handling applications. Lightweight and portable it is intended for use in weighing palletized loads on pallet jack trucks or forklift trucks.

Know the weight of your shipments as dispatched, control your costs.

Low profile.
Less than 3" high.

Light weight.
Easily positioned for weighing.
Store when not being used.
Fitted with lifting handle at the rear and roller wheels at the front. The wheels are clear of the floor when in the weighing position.
Folded steel construction, with NEMA 4 stainless steel junction box.

Tough Weigh Bar protection. Weigh Bars are sealed against water and dirt. They operate at temperatures between -30F and 130F (compensated from 14 - 104F) Stainless steel Weigh Bars fitted in stainless steel version.

Weigh-Tronix Weigh Bars are designed to yield accuracy no matter where the load is placed on the scale.

Wide range of capacities and sizes.
Select the right size and capacity for your specific application. Weigh-Tronix pallet scales are available in mild steel with high-grade epoxy paint finish or stainless steel for food and wash down applications.

Typical Operation.
Take load either by fork lift truck or by pallet jack to the scale, locate the load onto the Pallet scale, lower load onto scale, it is not always necessary to remove the truck/jack to weigh, depending on the design of the pallet.

Complete Pallet Scale Specifications and dimensional outline drawing are available on product literature. View or download the PDF brochure.