Ohaus CKW Digital Bench Scale

Ohaus CKW Digital Bench Scale

Washdown protection: All stainless steel construction with IP66/NEMA 4X indicator

Food Safe Design: NSF C-2 listed/certified, USDA/AMS accepted for food use, supports HACCP-certified systems

Checkweighing Setpoint Configurability: Set targets by range, variance by weight or percent

Multiple Checkweighing Methods: Positive checkweighing into a container, negative checkweighing out of a container, net checkweighing for sorting and grading applications

Fully Configurable Checkweighing Displays: Programmable Red/Yellow/Green LED graphical display bar with selectable LED over/under/accept display

Fast and Simple Target Entry: Dedicated target key and numeric keypad make setting checkweighing setpoints easy.

Software and Hardware Lockouts: The CKW can be quickly locked so that operators cannot accidentally change targets and settings

Selectable units: lb, oz, combined lb: oz display, % of target, kg, g

Library Function: 20-SKU library with SKU no., over, under, target, tare values

Connectivity: Configurable external input, RS232 bi-directional port included with GMP/GLP data outputs for traceability requirements. Optional DC Relay Kit, AC Relay Kit, RS422/485 Kit