Model 1310

Model 1310 Indicator/Controller Weight display and process control with unprecedented network support
  • Adaptable for any application
  • Versatile high definition dot graphic display
  • "Watch dog" monitoring of scale performance
  • Simultaneous multiple scale upgrade
  • Rugged construction promotes long life
Model 1310 systems and controls

The Model 1310 is compatible with most standard and custom-configured weighing platforms: bench and floor scales, truck, track, conveyor, and monorail scales - for batching, counting, checkweighing and measuring

This instrument can provide controls with its internal or external circuitry and communicate with PLCs via varying communication suites.

Model 1310 Communications

The Model 1310 communicates to peripheral devices through its standard four serial ports. Upgrades allow it to communicate via telephone modem or communication networks. Network interface upgrades include; Ethernet 10/100 TCP/IP (HTTP, SMTP, FTP, ModBus TCP/IP and Ethernet /IP), Device Net™. ProfiBus®, ControlNet™, InterBus, and ModBus Plus.