Lift Truck Scales

Turn conventional lift trucks into mobile scales for greater efficiency and tighter inventory control. Features & Benefits Save time - Eliminate trips to the floor scale. Your forklift becomes a scale.

Tighten inventory controls - Eliminate guesswork and human error. Automatic weighing simplifies record keeping.

Eliminate downtime - Patented solid steel Weigh Bar weight sensors and a rugged electronic indicator. No moving parts, electromechanical devices or hydraulics to adjust or service.

Convert existing equipment - Weigh-Tronix lift truck scales are designed for ITA Class II and Class III cleat type lift trucks.

Select permanent or Quick-Tach model - Install by bolting directly to the existing carriage or use Quick Tach mount which enables the rapid transfer to other forklifts.

Interface cable selection - Coiled cable suitable for fifteen foot lift height or telephone-style, retractible cable for eight foot maximum lift.