High Precision Counting Scale - PC-805

PC-805 is an easy-to-operate, no-nonsense counting scale with the peerless accuracy of the Quartzell transducer. With full range of keypad functions and optional battery operation. Features & Benefits Quartzell sensitivity - The revolutionary, pure digital Quartzell transducer has the extraordinary 1: 2,000,000 internal resolution. This unequaled sensitivity means smaller sample sizes and improved accuracy. Side by side, the PC-805 will outperform any counting scale on the market.

Operator compatible - Three yellow keys draw the operatorís attention to the most used keys, ZERO, TARE and SAMPLE. Its simple operation insures its correct use.

Full keypads - Lets operators enter and recall known piece weights and tare weights.

Durable - The PC-805 is supported by a two-year warranty.

RS-232 output - Standard on every PC-805 for links to printers or computers. Options Draft shield for PC-805-10 lb - Recommended for displayed resolutions above 10,000 divisions.

Battery operation kit - Twenty-four hours of continuous operation. Internal battery charger lets you recharge the battery while the scale is being used. Up to 500 discharge/recharge cycles.

Remote battery charger - Charges two batteries at the same time.

230 VAC operation

9" and 18" remote display column kit - With 6' cable for mounting display.

Ball-top shroud kit

Wall mount bracket - With 6' cable to remote display.