Ethernet/IP Protocol Card

Ethernet/IP Protocol Card

• Dual port (DPRAM) parallel interface

• IP address settings configurable with on-board DIP switched, web page, or ARP or DHCP

• Supports Rockwell Automation® Ethernet/IP level 2 I/O server CIP (ControlNet and DeviceNet)

• Transparent TCP/IP socket interface

• Transformer isolated Ethernet interface

• Included IT functions such as e-mail, dynamic webserver, FTP

• Supports FLASH field upgrades

• CE marked and UL conformance IT-Functionality:

• Integrated FTP server provides easy file management using standard FTP clients

• Telnet server featuring a command line interface similar to the MS-DOS™ environment

• Web server with SSI script support

• E-mail client capability with SSI script support Control Protocols:

• Supports the Modbus/TCP protocol and conforms to the Modbus/TCP specification 1.0 * Ability to act as a group 2 and 3 server on an Ethernet/IP based network

• Other protocols can be implemented on top of the TCP/IP or UDP/IP using the transparent socket interface