Emery Winslow Hyweigh Series

Hyweigh Series 40

Pit Scale, Steel or Concrete Deck

Emery Winslow Scale Company has been building truck scales since 1896 and Hydrostatic load cells since 1868. Hytronic Technology, a combination of the most advanced hydrostatic and electronic weighing technologies known today, has enabled Emery Winslow Scale to develop a truck scale that can guarantee you the best service and satisfaction available. The Hydrostatic load cells used in every Emery Winslow truck scale come with a Lifetime Guarantee not to fail due to the effects of water, flooding, lightning, welding currents, stray voltages, RFI/EMI, or rodents.

Features 6" concrete deck Rigid-grid diamond plate steel panel design Install in a new or existing pit Manholes for pit access Long life Designed for heavy-duty use as found in DOT Highway Weigh Stations and County Transfer Stations I-beam bridge design A pit scale designed for a heavy-duty pit application, not a low profile scale adapted for a pit

Options Multi-platforms for axle weighing Heavy-duty 8" concrete deck Traffic lights and scoreboards Printers and computer programs for Truck IN/OUT Special paints, galvanizing,sandblasting Custom lengths, widths and capacities

Warranty Hydrostatic load cells are guaranteed for life against failure from water, lightning, rodents, power surges, and RFI/EMI. Hydrostatic 136 load cells are warranty for 10 years against defects in materials and workmanship 2 year warranty on all other components against defects in materials and workmanship.

Specifications Sizes from lengths 10' to 140' widths from 10' to 12' Capacities from 40 ton to 100 ton Accuracy - .1% Temperature range: -20 to 400F