E1005 Indicator

Model E1005 is ideal for bench scales, floor scales and tank weighing applications. The high contrast display allows the operator to easily view weights at a glance. Weighments can be accumulated, stored and recalled including number of transactions.

Specialized Applications
Counting routines
Peak weight
Process control

The Model E1005 can serve as a remote display in applications where weights must be read in two locations.

An internal battery provides mobility for cart-mounted bench scales or for applications where AC power is not available.

Weight information can be transmitted to peripheral printers and/or computers through the indicatorĂ­s communication port. The format of the informationmay be customized and can include time and date.

An IP54 rated enclosure ensures reliable, continuous operation in dusty environments.


  • 5 volts excitation
  • Supports up to four 350-ohm weight sensors
  • 2 to 5 calibration points stored
  • Seven-digit, seven-segment, 0.75-inch high, LCD display
  • Analog to digital conversion rate of 60 times per second
  • Internal resolution of 41,248,140 counts per mV/V per second
  • Standard inputs - Three logic level inputs for: Zero, Print, Tare,Units, F1
  • Standard outputs -
    • Three cutoff outputs, open collector design
    • Serial port RS-232 or 20mA current loop, orRS-422, or RS-485
  • Serial command inputs - Programmable serial response to ASCII character input, SMA protocol