Checkpoint M-VA


Optimum performance with high precision in a wet environment

The Checkpoint M-VA is designed for mid-range checkweighing in wet environments where constant washdown is a necessity.

Whether you need to check current nominal weight or sort and classify, the Checkpoint M-VA provides the means to do the job with greater speed and efficiency.

Durability and efficiency of design
A heavy, solid stainless steel base frame provides the stability needed for high weighing precision at medium and high belt speeds. The control panel and drive motors are fully protected within 316 stainless steel (IP65) enclosures.

Motors are also equipped with special sealed bearings for splash protection.

The low-weight, patented conveyor belt systems also feature all-stainless-steel construction, and a carefully tuned drive system ensures smooth operation for fast, safe transport of products.

Individually modified solutions for varying product shapes are easily accommodated.

Quick-change clamps on conveyors allow easy belt exchange without tools.

A wide range of application-specific sorting devices is available to reliably discharge products that have incorrect weights, without disturbing the ongoing production.

Password protection prevents unauthorized access to the individual functions and parameter settings.

Factory defaults are permanently stored and may be loaded at any time. This provides the assurance of a well-defined operating condition when needed.

The desired units for operation and machine management are user selectable from the menu: grams (g) or kilograms (kg); ounces (oz) or pounds (lb).

A menu-guided touch screen with alphanumeric input facilitates fast, easy setup and adjustment of the scale for different products and requirements.

Operational Features

  • 100% production monitoring of products to ensure they meet the minimum weight or average weight requirements with production documentation
  • Rejection of out-of-tolerance products with choice of mechanisms including: air blast, pusher, flipper or diverter
  • Production documentation shown by means of graphic screens for statistics histogram, trend and average value curves by pieces, hours or minutes.
  • 3 different weighing ranges
  • 5 weight classes for under, accept and over classification
  • 50 PLUs (incorporates all relevant information required for the assigned product)
  • Touch screen simple, menu-guided operation
  • Multi-level password protection
  • 3 different working height ranges
  • Right to left or left to right working directions
  • Simple belt and conveyor change, no tools required
  • Maintenance-free servo drive includes motor and electronics
  • Compact design for easy integration into production lines
  • Line synchronization with isolated relay contacts
    • Remote start (input)
    • Weighing mode (output)
    • Error (output)
  • 20 automation channels available: eight input and 12 output channels
  • Main power switch located on electrical cabinet
  • Photo cell for product recognition mounted on supporting frame
  • Simple menu-driven calibration
  • AutoZero tracking capabilities
  • Tare weight input for checking net weights
  • Standard statistics including totals, over/under weights, standard deviation, average, etc.
  • Bubble level on frame for accurate machine leveling
  • Emergency by-pass for "worst-case scenario" resets the checkweigher to "product transport with the last selected speed" - Production can continue uninterrupted and the weight check can be performed at a later time