Wheel Loader Scale


Standard Features

• Partial zeroing (tipping) for precise loadings

• 1000 different customers with name, address, etc.

• 200 types of materials with names

• 50 different operators

• 500 truck numbers

• 100 projects

• Sum of truck loads

• Subtraction of the partial loads starting from the target

• Display of totals for materials

• 4 different calibrations allows a single display to be used with up to 4 loaders

• RS 232 output for printers, modem, telemetry, GPS

If the system has a printer:

• Print tickets for each weighment

• Print total ticket at the end of each load

• End of day (week, month or year) summary grouped together by type of material loaded

• Date and time

• Load up to 10 different materials on the same truck

• Load up to 10 different trucks at the same time