Weighline Rail Scale


A simple, economical solution for static or in-motion rail weighing. Installs in just hours and provides accurate, dependable weighments at a fraction of the cost of other rail scale systems.

Weighline has payed for itself in hundreds of installations worldwide by preventing both underloads and overloads of rail cars.

Features & Benefits

Fast payback - Accurate rail car weighing saves you from costly under loading of cars, overload fines, and rejected shipments.

Safety - Use wheel weights to assure safe, balanced loading.

Low-cost installation - No pits or foundations to construct. No concrete to pour. Just replace existing rail with matching Weighline sections. Only one day of track down time!

Versatile instrumentation - Static or in-motion weighing. Wheel, axle, and car weights are instantly available.

Gapless weighbridge for in-motion weighing - Weighline sections replace rail on existing track and form a stable weighbridge eliminating the impact associated with conventional scales. And trains not being weighed can move across the scale at normal line speed without damage to the scale.