WI-152 Battery operated Indicator

The WI-152 Indicator goes to work equally well with a truck scale at a remote site or a portable bench scale in a warehouse. Its 6-volt version, with D-cell battery pack includes a "sleep mode" which extends battery life to 2,300 hours depending on the system.

The WI-152 is available in two versions. The 6-volt model operates from four alkaline D-cell batteries. Its programmable sleep mode extends battery life to hundreds of hours. It has a rear-mounted toggle switch for turning off the unit for long periods of scale idleness.

The second version of the WI-152 Indicator operates from a 12-volt DC power source. Its power supply card provides regulated 8-volt output and includes a single RS-232 serial port, real time clock, and dual cutoff outputs. Features & Benefits Battery operation - The natural choice for remote scale operations where there is no convenient power source.

LCD display - Always clearly visible, even in direct sunlight.

Self-contained battery pack - No clumsy, extra equipment for battery operation. The six-volt version fits easily onto a bench scale cart to travel to jobs.

Front panel configuration - All calibration and programming is done through the front panel.

Menu driven - Simplifies the operation of the WI-152. Just press the MENU key and cycle through the available function choices. Adapt the menu to your operation during setup. Select only the options you want to appear under MENU key.

Sleep mode - Programmable for virtually any interval of scale idleness. Extends battery life.

Battery saver - Low-power A to D converter for the D-Cell version. Conserves battery life with one-eighth duty cycle load cell drive.

Battery backed up RAM - Protects tare and pushbutton zero information. EEPROM stores configuration and calibration data.

Selectable tare operation - Select pushbutton tare and/or up to 10 keyboard tare registers. Options for 6-volt model Serial output, real time clock, and dual cutoff output card - Serial output enables interface with virtually any printer. The layout feature allows customized printouts. Real time clock adds time, date, and year to serial transmission. Dual cutoff for external relay activation controlled by programmed weight value.