WI-125 and WI-825 Indicator Series

In the real world one size does not fit all. And in the scale industry one type of indicator does not fit all applications either. Weigh-Tronix realized this and decided to take the first step in offering a multitude of price sensitive indicators to fit everyone’s needs. Whether you are a first time scale user or have used scales for years, the right indicator makes all the difference. Weigh-Tronix has tailored your needs into an indicator perfect for your application and pocketbook. The collection ranges from a simple, no-frills version to full-featured and parts counting models with Lexan or metal enclosures.

WI-125 Indicator Series
Why pay for functions you will never use? The WI-125 Indicators give you tough, compact, simple to operate weighing instruments with just the right functions. The WI-125 Super-Saver is a no frills indicator for simple weighing operations and the WI-125 Full-Feature gives you more features foreven greater flexibility.

WI-125 Super-Saver
The WI-125 Super-Saver Indicator has a keypad with six function keys. These single function keys make learning and operating the keypad faster and easier. Choose from simple menu configurations to reduce setup time for operators. To protect from mishaps in data entry, initiate an access code for use by designated personnel only.

The heavy-duty carbon steel enclosure protects internal components from damage. A powder-painted finish keeps it looking good and a front bar props up the indicator for better vision.

Internal circuitry undergoes a variety of test procedures to ensure long life. Component parts inserted snugly on printed circuit boards provides quality assurance.

The WI-125 Full-Feature
Although it looks just like the Super-Saver, the WI-125 Full-Feature has more features which allow for more complex weighing applications.

Two methods of tare entry give you more flexibility. Use the push-button tare key or the scrolling feature. The scroll feature uses arrow keys to establish tare values.

The added RS-232 serial port interfaces with printers and computers. Customize your printout with your company name, message, location, character size and pertinent information right from the indicator.

Another full-feature is the display backlighting. You won't be left in the dark with this indicator. In low light locations the WI-125 Full-Feature has a light emitting diode that transmits light through fiber optic strands to illuminate the display.

The WI-125 Full-Feature comes with a heavy-duty swivel stand that mounts on tables or walls and adjusts to the sight line you require.

WI-125 NEMA 4X Indicator
The NEMA 4X Indicator is a rugged, watertight weighing instrument for use in corrosive and harsh environments.

Rough environments do not affect the WI-125 NEMA 4X. Use the WI-125 in-doors as well as outdoors on the loading dock. The backlighting and the eight .6-inch high LCD digits make it easy to read even in low light locations. The enclosure will protect against rain and snow or washdown situations. Surface-mount components provide stability to circuitry resulting in an indicator that will stay functional when bumped around.

You can train operators in minutes using the six simple keys on the front panel. All six function keys are clearly marked for identification. Arrow keys also make using your scale more efficient. Arrow keys let you enter tare values or look up saved entries. Calling up saved entries eliminates reweighing frequently used containers or pallets.

Standard RS-232 serial port interfaces with computers and printers. Customized print formatting enables your company name, message, location and other information to appear on the ticket.

RFI protection provides stable weight readings in environments with moderately high levels of RFI radiation. A heavy-duty swivel stand, which holds the WI-125, mounts on table tops, walls, or bench scale carts.

The WI-125 Indicator is equipped to drive up to eight 350-ohm Weigh