SteelBridge XT and BridgeMont Multi-platform

Overload fines, lost time at DOT scales, liability suits, long lines-It seems they're all part of the trucking industry. And they all add to the cost of doing business.

If your business depends on your ability to move products efficiently, if truck transportation is what keeps you alive, if you prefer to operate safely as well as efficiently, then finding a way to get accurate axle weights is a clear necessity. Accurate axle weights mean no more fines for misloaded trucks. Accurate axle weights mean reduced liability in the case of an accident. Accurate axle weights mean an end to uneven loading and costly delays at check points.

There's more than one way to get an axle weight
Use a single module axle scale and weigh one axle at a time. The gross and net weights won't be legal for trade, but you will have a clear indication of axle weights.

Use a normal truck scale: Pull the steering axle onto the scale. The scale operator records the weight and then hits the TARE button. Pull the truck forward to position the drive axle on the scale. The scale operator records the drive axle weight reading and then tares it out. Pull the truck forward until the tandem axle is on the scale. Take a final reading.

That works great as long as you have plenty of time, plenty of help, and everyone is really patient.

Axle weighing the right way
A truck scale built for one-stop axle weighing combines multiple independent scales in a common foundation. When the truck pulls onto the scale with an axle positioned on each scale, the system instantly provides axle weights plus a certified gross weight in a single weighment. The process that could be a five minute ordeal of weighing one axle at a time can become a twenty second process.

Weigh-Tronix provides a wide selection of truck scale products designed to maximize efficiency of vehicle weighing. Now you can quickly and reliably generate not only legal-for-trade gross, tare, and net weights, but also accurate steering, drive and tandem axle weights on every vehicle.

BridgeMont or SteelBridge XT
Matching the right scale to the job is an important decision. Weigh-Tronix offers the range of choices necessary to fit the scale to the task. For normal traffic the BridgeMont scale, with its 70,000-lb tandem axle rating and its 2.06 "r" factor, may be the right selection. The BridgeMont design has successfully removed significant cost and installation time from both the steel or concrete version.

The SteelBridge XT, with its 90,000-lb tandem axle rating and an "r" factor rating of 2.65, is the right choice for heavy traffic. The XT is for eXTra: extra care in construction, extra steel, and extra long life. Its steel version features a 100% sealed weld, sandwich steel deck. Its concrete version positions all concrete for compression loading only. The concrete will not flex or bend which would result in cracks and early damage.

Add instrumentation with the right stuff
The Model 1310 Indicator is clearly the instrument of choice for a Weigh-Tronix axle weighing system. The first reason is because of its large display which allows operators to read all three axle weights plus a gross weight simultaneously.

Second, the 1310 is totally programmable. Its versatile standard software meets the requirements of most normal axle weighing applications. If, however, you have a specialized application, you and your local distributor work together to define the function you need. Your distributor will be able to provide you with the software that lets your 1310 operate exactly to suit your traffic patterns and scale use.

The 1310 captures and displays all three axle weights and a gross weight. As soon as motion ceases on the scale it will automatically send all four readings to a printer.

You can also request the 1310 to store weight information in its internal data base. Later, you will be able to retrieve the data, print out a list of transactions, and generate reports from selected data.

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