Sartorius X3 Process Indicator


The new X3 Process Indicator provides an easy and reliable solution for process hopper scales with strain gauge load cells in process automation applications.

The X3 Process Indicator sets new standards in Process automation. The standard Ethernet TCP/IP interface allows an easy integration into existing PC networks. Information can be transferred into supervisory systems with the integrated OPC-Server technology.

Ethernet TCP/IP Connection for Remote Control
mindgruve_logo.jpg Configuration via VNC
mindgruve_logo.jpg OPC Server
W&M approval with 10.000e acc. to EN 45501 / OIML R 76
Serial Interface RS232 for Printer or remote display
3 digital In- and 3 Outputs for limit function
Optional Interfaces:
Serial Interface (RS 232 or RS 422/485)
Analogue - / BCD Output
PROFIBUS-DP, DeviceNET, Interbus-S, Modbus-TCP, CC-link)
Transflective LCD Display, back lighted
Panel Housing with IP 65 Front