Sartorius Susceptometer


• Meets the new OIML Directive R111 recommendation that the magnetic properties of weights be tested

• Enables you to easily and conveniently determine the susceptibility and magnetization of weights in accordance with OIML R111

• The interaction between a permanent magnet and the weight being tested is determined as a force using a high-resolution balance

• Takes into account the known properties of the test magnet, the distance of the weight from the test magnet, and the weight geometry, the desired magnetic quantities of the weight can be calculated

• Comes standard with software that enables data to be automatically transferred from the unit

• Provides a unique, complete solution that enables you to ensure that the limits of the magnetic properties of the weights are maintained

• The turning mechanism for the magnet is easy to operate by an external rotary knob marking for N-S orientation of the magnet

• Convenient application software, default parameter and easy, user-defined configurations possible