Sartorius Signum


The new Signum from Sartorius is a compact industrial scale in which a choice of two powerful technologies is used: SIWR and SIWA models work with a strain-gauge type load cell; the high-resolution SIWS models feature monolithic weigh cells based on electromagnetic force compensation. The new Signum offers exceptional performance features and, despite its wide variety of functions, is a very easy-to-operate scale. The Signum is extremely rugged and resistant, and perfectly adapts to any ambient conditions in an industrial environment.

With Signum, anything is possible: pick and choose your level of applications and different resolutions, and enjoy the benefits of a wide variety of interfaces and options for IP65 protection, use in hazardous areas and for many more features.

The Signum is a compact scale built exactly the way you want it - without compromises.
  • 3 indicators
  • 3 weighing technologies
  • Platform size: 340 mm x 240 mm
  • Resolution 35.000 d to 350.000 d
  • Model-dependent "factory-verified" options up to Class II and III
  • Various options available