Sartorius Professional Meter


PP-15 for pH and redox/ORP measurements, PP-20 for conductivity, pH and redox/ORP measurements, PP-25 for ion-selective analysis and pH and redox/ORP measurements, PP-50 combines all of the analysis features described for the other models.

Four models offer the right solutions to meet the most demanding requirements even in critical applications.

Going beyond the basics, the Professional Meter Series features a variety of options for creating optimum measuring conditions no matter how diverse the applications.

Thanks to their menu-driven user interface with plain-language prompts, the meters in the Professional Series are easy and reliable to operate. The permanently active online help functions give the user practical tips for carrying out error-free experiments in every laboratory.

The large, backlit multifunctional graphical VGA display allows for good readability even in poor lighting. Of course, the printouts of calibrations and results generated by these meters comply with the major ISO/GLP requirements.

When measuring pH and conductivity, you can enter up to five calibration points; for ion-selective analysis, up to seven. This means that accurate measurements are also possible with difficult samples. An interval can be defined to generate a calibration prompt, as can tolerance limits for the results. No matter what the ambient conditions, the parameters can be selected to adapt the meter to special situations or samples. This ensures better reproducibility of the individual measurements. For example, a delay time can be set before the calibration data is saved or the criteria for "stable" measurement can be user-defined.

The pH meters support direct potentiometry as well as incremental modes for performing ion selective analysis (PP-25, PP-50).