Sartorius ProControl for Windows


Modular system for quality assurance as described in AWC regulations and SPC; scalable from a stand-alone system to a highly integrated management solution in your enterprise intranet.

Computer-aided system for checking fill quantities and controlling production processes; with static and dynamic weighing, inline control, attribute/variable testing, statistical process control and monitoring in accordance with pharmacopoeia
Monitor the entire production process, from weighing the components in incoming inspection to attribute testing prior to shipping
A number of different industrial terminals are available for all requirements placed on data acquisition in the production area directly at the point of origin - all with IP65 protection
SPCfWin can be used with Sartorius industry scales and laboratory and analytical balances, as well as with most dynamic checkweighers and metal detectors
Interfaces are available for connecting peripherals such as pH meters, refractometers, tablet testing machines, thickness sensors, micrometers, viscosimeter, density determination devices, and more


Gravimetric/volumetric average weight control of prepackages with various tare modes
Multicomponent monitoring
Filling head monitoring and adjustment
Attribute/variable checking in accordance with AQL
Statistical process control with formula generator
Check goods both in incoming inspection and shipping
Errors are logged and action lists for corrective measures are generated
Management information
CCP monitoring in accordance with IFS / BRC / HACCP / ISO 22000

Sartorius supplies more than a system:

Comprehensive expert consulting in the project phase
Tightly woven network of service providers
Hotline support over the phone, fax or Internet
Software update service
User training