Sartorius Portable Meter


Handy for use on the move

The new portable PT-10 pH meter rounds off the Sartorius line of equipment for electrochemical analysis. First, there was the compact Basis PB-20 and the laboratory series (PP-15, PP-20, PP-25, PP-50) featuring a variety of options for working professionally and carrying out experiments perfectly. Now, Sartorius also offers a sturdy introductory model for conducting pH measurements out in the field. Reliable performance at an affordable price. This portable device has these important features required of laboratory equipment:

1, 2, or 3-point calibration; automatic checking of the electrode slope during 2- or 3-point calibration

Calibration data are stored in the memory

Automatic recognition of 16 buffers from 3 sets

Stability icon shown on the display

Self-test runs automatically when the unit is turned on

The large LCD makes it easy to read the measurement even under poor lighting conditions.

The Sartorius Portable Meter PT-10 can be used anywhere - wherever you need quick and flexible "on-the-spot" pH measurements.

Designed for use under rugged conditions, this pH meter is easy-to-operate (4-button design just like on the PB-20). The PT-10 is perfectly suited for operations, such as carrying out environmental measurements or determining the pH and Redox potential in swimming pools (in conjunction with the Y-R01 Redox electrode).

Can be operated without line current (9 V battery); AC adapter available separately

Weighs just 272 g (including battery)

Water-resistant in accordance IP 67

The pH meter is equipped with a low-maintenance gel-filled electrode. The carrying case sold with the kit contains all the equipment you need for taking field measurements of the pH.