Sartorius PR5610/05 Remote Display


The Ex-Terminal is a remote display (slave) for indication and control of the system controller of the X-Family.

Full control in hazardous area For the use of electronics in hazardous areas a lot of guidelines and regulations have to be followed. This means very often a compromise of functionality, applications and comfort.

Sartorius offers with the Ex-Terminal a comfortable and very easy solution. So from now on production processes in hazardous become more and more effective.

‚• "Plug and play"-functionality: direct control of all X5 controller without any programming
‚• Easy connection via serial interface
™øΩ EEx ib IIC T4 approval for operation inside hazardous area
™øΩ Characters height 12mm
™øΩ Scratch-resistant display with anti-reflective coating
™øΩ Robust metal housing with IP 65 front for panel mounting
™øΩ IP 65 stainless steel housing (option)