Sartorius Micro ME/SE


Sartorius Micro. Premium Micro- and Ultra-microbalances ME5 and SE2. Maximum precision for minimum sample quantities.

Uncompromising weighing technology is the No. 1 priority. Incomparably fast response and display of weighing results and exceptional repeatability meet the very highest demands on accurate weighing. These results unconditionally measure up to the strictest requirements of both legal regulations and quality management systems.

Astonishingly fast response times with only 10-second stabilization time needed

Self-teaching, all-glass draft shield for ergonomic handling of the smallest sample quantities

Complete functionality for use as measuring and test equipment, with fully automatic calibration and adjustment function, isoCAL; the SQmin function for displaying the minimum allowable sample quantity according to the USP; and S.U.R.E. display of the uncertainty of measurement to comply with stringent accuracy standards, such as DKD (German Calibration Service)

14 built-in application programs as standard features, such as EUREKA program for air buoyancy correction, Differential weighing program for up to 999 samples, Statistical evaluation. All balance-generated data can be logged via the standard RS-232C interface port

Models ME5-F and SE2-F for weighing filters of up to 90 mm in diameter. The draft shield specifically constructed for this application is made completely of metal, thereby minimizing the interfering effects of static electricity