Sartorius Level Control PR1250


The LevelMaster System PR 1250 is specifically designed for typical level control applications in tanks and silos. It is easy to operate and requires virtually no maintenance.

The ultra low-profile design of the PanCake Level Sensors make them ideal for retrofitting of existing tanks and silos. Typical system accuracy is in the range of 0.5 % to 2 %. The combination of sensor and indicator allow a calibration of the system without moving a single test weight (Smart Calibration). The PanCake LevelCell is hermetically sealed to IP 68 standards and keeps its calibration for many years without any drift or the need for recalibration. The indicator is protected by a robust field housing and sealed to IP65 standard.

Complete System for typical level control applications
Particularly easy to install and to commission: "Plug-and-Weigh"
100 % Maintenance free
Accuracy not influenced by product
Robust and reliable
Very economic
Easy to retrofit
For virtually all vessels with 3 or 4 legs
Patent pending DE 101 50 641 A1