Sartorius Filter Weighing


LA Series (LA120S-FW, LA230S-FW, LA130S-F) isoCal calibration (LA120S-FW & LA230S-FW) Internal calibration (LA130S-F)


RS-232 full-duplex interface

IP54 rating

GMP/GLP print out protocol

Configurable print out

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) backlit remote display

Number and alpha keys

Below balance weighing

Differential weighing for up to 999 samples

Applications on board: counting, checkweighing, percent, unit toggle, preset tare, animal weighing, net-total, formulation, statistics, calculation, timer, differential weighing, density determination, memory (300) LA130S-F additional features

Large flat, anti-static pan facilitates weighing filters up to 8" x 10" (203 mm x 254 mm) without particle loss LA120S-FW, LA230S-FW additional features

Oversized glass draft chamber for filters 8" x 11", including filter holder stand