Sartorius FCT01 X-EX Weighing Indicator


Factory Ex stainless steel terminal, designed for use in a Zone 1 hazardous area with a built-in A/D converter (max. 60,000 digits, not for use in legal metrology). The backlit graphical display ensures excellent readability and a high degree of operator convenience. Various applications can be programmed in the scale's menu, such as checkweighing, net-total formulation, product data memory, printouts, timer function, etc.).

A/D converter. This scale can be connected to all conventional strain-gauge scales and analog platforms of the IF Series (flat-bed scales), IU Series (pallet scales) as well as all Combics-EX Platforms (with own EX-approval). Pursuant to Number 5.4 of EN 50020/1994, this simple electrical equipment does not need certification or special marking if they fulfill the technical specifications.
They are standard equipped with an RS-232 data interface (or optionally an RS-485.
The various installation options (bench mounted, floor stand, wall mounted, built into a control panel) are available.
All cables are equipped with cable glands or threaded round connectors for networking.
The version FCT01-XV1 is certified with load cells PR62...
All Sartorius Ex-products have additional to an ATEX-approval a verification of intrinsic safety (for the explosion protection document)