Sartorius Element ELT


This product series is available only in the following countries: Canada, Hongkong, India, Japan, USA. The Sartorius Element is an entry-level balance for the laboratory, designed for multi-faceted and changing needs. The option of using high-capacity batteries means you can operate the balance independently of a power supply or in a stationary installation. Clear operator guidance features make it easy to adapt the balance to different applications. If the balance needs to be connected to a computer at some later stage, an interface port can be simply plugged into the back panel.

ELT models come with the following performance features as standard equipment:

Stainless steel weighing pan

Large, white backlit LCD

Built-in application programs: counting, totaling, weighing in %, locking in readouts, easy below-balance density determination

Calibration weights stored inside the housing: models: ELT103, ELT602, ELT402, ELT202, ELT1001, and ELT601

Four digital filter levels for adaption of the balance to conditions at the place of use

Battery-operable (eight 1.5V batteries, except model ELT103)

Prepared for plug-in data interface adapters (YADAP-RS, YADAP-USB)