Sartorius Docu-pH Meter & DocuClip



A solid basis for reliable measurements

Reliability starts with easy and comprehensible operation. With the newly developed Docu-pHMeter instruments, Sartorius is setting new standards in the determination and management of measured values. Equipped with a graphic display and easy-to-use soft keys, all Docu-pHMeter models are practical meters that make even complex laboratory tasks simple.

You can choose between intelligent electrodes connected to DocuClip and standard electrodes with a BNC connector.

Two models for pH measurement offer you top-quality instruments, right from the start, for the most frequently used applications. Additional models, such as conductivity meters, will be available soon.

Comprehensive features - simple results

Graphical display and soft keys

Easy-to-understand menu-driven prompts in plain language

Defined function keys for the most common applications; no double-assigned keys

Fast mode for rapid results

Automatic recognition of a variety of temperature probes

Serial interface for data transfer to computer or printer (Docu-pH+)

Memory capacity for 500 data records (Docu-pH+)


One-click reliability

Give each of your electrodes their own identity. DocuClip is a unique device that makes an electrode uniquely identifiable, in just seconds. Equipped with built-in memory for calibration data, DocuClip works together with the Sartorius Docu-pHMeter to store essential electrode specifications over its entire service life.

In addition to model designation and individual serial number, DocuClip stores all data from initial calibration, including pH, mV, temperature - indicating manual or automatic temperature measurement - and the slope and zero point of the pH electrode, as well as the date and time of calibration.

Moreover, data from the four most recent calibrations is always available for the entire service life of the electrode. DocuClip deletes older data to make room for the latest calibration report. With Docu-pHMeter you can view the history of an electrode at any time. This gives you a ready overview of electrode quality.

Electrode data is automatically logged 100% at each measurement, and can be sent to a printer or exported to a computer for further processing.