Sartorius Digital Fieldbus Transmitter PR1720


The PR 1720 Fieldbus Transmitter has features that guarantee:

Integral process automation to meet highest weighing requirements
Analogue, digital and bus-capable signals for automation systems
Connection of several load cells directly to the transmitter
The possibility to operate the instrument and to monitor the weighing process locally

In addition various fieldbus and communication protocols, as well as serial interfaces, provide the flexibility needed for easy linkage to different automation systems.

Profibus-DP, InterBus-S or DeviceNet (via PR 1721)
Several load cells directly connectable (via PR 1722)
Galvanically isolated analogue output (16 bit internal resolution)
Accuracy of 3000e class III (acc. EN 45501)
Serial communication interface (RS 232 or TTY or RS 485/422)
5-digit LCD weighing display
IP 65 field housing
3 configurable inputs / 3 configurable outputs
Userfriendly, menu-prompted configuration
Calibration without weights (Smart Calibration)