Sartorius Combics Pro Indicator


Premium Terminal for high quality weighing tasks. Easy, intuitive operator guidance and the new color graphic display allow accurate and reliable readouts of weights and information.

The benefits of Combics Pro:

User programmability
Hygienic design
Optimized user interface
Flexible connectivity

User programmability

Easy programming in high-level language (IEC61131) or using graphical elements; designed to accommodate various levels of programming knowledge
Prefabricated, editable software modules
Hotline support

Hygienic design

AISI 304 stainless steel
HACCP-compliant hygienic design
Choice of international protection rating: IP30 or IP67

User interface

Easy, intuitive operator guidance
Accurate and reliable readouts of weights and information
High-contrast and backlit, 320 x 240 pixel resolution
Color bar graph (yellow|green|red) for visualization of batching and checkweighing tasks


Modular interface technology
6 interfaces, internal plug-ins
3 standard interfaces