Sartorius Combics 3 Indicator Stainless Steel


IP67 with a cable gland


• Large display digits with a height of 20 mm
• Backlit, fully graphical dot-matrix display
• Menu-driven soft key text prompts for inputs
• Alphanumeric keypad with ABC multi-functional key
• Bar graph display
• LEDs for checkweighing or classification (red-green-yellow)

Basis-application programs:

• Counting, with automatic reference sample updating
• Checkweighing
• Classification
• Totalizing
• Weighing in percent
• Neutral measurement
• Net-total formulation
• Animal weighing

Application kits

• Combination of Application programs
• Single Component Filling

Additional Interfaces:

• RS-232C standard feature
• Optional 2nd additional interfaces RS-232, RS-485, RS-422, 0-20 mA, Profibus DP
• X-bus compatible
• Can be optionally used in Zones 2+22 hazardous areas

Connection Options:

• A powerful A/D converter for connecting Sartorius weighing platforms of the Combics, IF and IU series and load cells
• Digital platforms of the IS series
• Extensive accessories