RL Allen-Bradley Remote I/O

RL Allen-Bradley Remote I/O

• 115 or 230 VAC operation

• Discrete data transfer

• Block data transfer

• Field-retrofitting available for existing IQ plus® 800, IQ plus® 810 and IQ plus® 310A indicators

• Blind keypad capability (IQ plus® 800, IQ plus® 810) Additional features with IQ plus® 310A and IQ plus® 510:

• 5-button operation

• Panel mountable Additional features with IQ plus® 710:

• Local batch control

• 8-digital outputs, 8-digital inputs

• Display messaging Additional features with IQ plus® 800 and IQ plus® 810:

• Drives up to 4 scales

• 16 digital outputs, 3 digital inputs

• Enclosure types: panel mount, stainless steel, FRP, and XPCD Additional features with 520:

• Selectable A/D measurement rates up to 120/second

• Theoretical calibration and gravitational compensation calibration

• Panel mounted with rear external connectors Additional features with 920i:

• Drives up to 32 channels that can include individual scales and any combination of totalized scales

• Large back-lit LCD graphical display

• Selectable A/D measurement rate up to 960/second

• Two slots for option cards with optional expansion boards