RD-125 Remote Display

RD-125 is a full-featured, remote display that lets you monitor weighing processes outside of high traffic areas. RD-125 is easy to integrate into your weighing system; it's compatible with any indicator that transmits RS-232 data continuously.

Features & Benefits Instant access to scale data - Provides a mirrored weight reading from a host indicator via RS-232 serial communica-tion. Place the readout where it is easiest to monitor.

Flexible front panel configuration - Set trans-mission protocol (baud rate, parity, stop bits) to match your system. Enable a display back light for low light applications. All settings protected from accidental changes with an internal switch selection.

Choice of enclosures - Select carbon steel or Lexan enclosure.

Easy-to-read display - Six digit, liquid crystal display with selectable backlighting. Annunciators for unit of measure (lb / kg), gross or net weights, and data reception.

Compatibility - The RD-125 is compatible with any indicator which transmits RS-232 data continuously. It also links with Weigh-Tronix Indicator Models WI-110, WI-120, WI-125, WI-150, WI-152 and WI-130 and with any other indicator which sends a comparable data string.