QC3275 Checkweigher Low Capacity

Nobody has to tell you that fast and accurate checkweighing is crucial to your bottom line.

Underweight packages risk rejected shipments or costly rework. Over-weight packages mean you’re not getting paid in full for your product.

The answer to this problem is fast efficient check weighing with the new Weigh-Tronix 3275 Checkweigher.

Remember the old mechanical checkweighers? The ones that took forever to settle and rarely gave the same reading twice?

The 3275 flashes immediate and accurate readings that won’t slow your production line.

The 3275 allows precise monitoring of the machinery that dispenses your product and gives you the opportunity to fine-tune your operation for maximum performance and profitability. Its transaction counter automatically updates with each weighment, giving you daily, weekly, or monthly data on productivity.

The unique OVER & UNDER display accelerates grading and trimming. Grading to three zones is standard, while eight-zone grading is available for added flexibility.

Graphic display speeds Checkweighing Checkweighing has to be a "GO" "NO GO" procedure. The 3275’s color-graphic display offers more information in a form that all operators can understand. Acceptable weights produce a green display for immediate acceptance. Red indications tell the operator to stop. This weight is too light. Yellow indications alert the operator that your profits may be shrinking. The degree of error whether over or under, is indicated by the amount of red or yellow displayed.

Versatile display variations Use only the digital display, and the 3275 becomes a standard washdown bench scale. Use only the graphic display, and the 3275 becomes a simple but powerful checkweigher. Use both for unmatched versatility and performance.

Simple setup Front-panel controls make setup a snap. Display indicator lights guide you through the simple process of setting the target and tolerance weights.

Setting the target weight can be as simple as two quick presses of the SETUP button. Or use the OVER & UNDER buttons to scroll directly to target, tolerance or tare weights. Adjustable display The 3275 display housing is adjustable from vertical to a 20° tilt for optimum viewing and operator efficiency. The display housing detaches easily from the 3275 for remote mounting. Four units of measure. Simple front-panel selection of pounds, kilograms, ounces or grams increases your weighing versatility. Filtering Various filter and display update settings are available to match the 3275 to your individual application. Built for tough environments Over 15 years of experience in manufacturing electronic checkweighers for the food industry has taught Weigh-Tronix the importance of ruggedness and reliability. This fourth generation checkweigher has been tested by people just like you who demand the best performance in their equipment. And it passed their tests!

Model 3275 has proven highly resistant to rough handling and abuse with overload protection up to 500% of scale capacity. The stainless-steel load cell is also highly immune to washdown in hot or cold environments. The scale electronics and weight display are sealed in a stainless steel NEMA 4X enclosure. Capacities of 6, 12, 30 , 60 or 100 pounds The extra capacity of each scale gives distinct advantages. For example, a standard five-pound package can be checkweighed on a six-pound scale without having to advance to the lower accuracy of a higher capacity scale.

Remote control keypad Security / speed / simplicity. Add security to your checkweighing operations. Disable setup controls on the 3275 and use the optional wireless remote keypad to change or enter all checkweighing values.

Speed up your setup process. Use the remote keypad for direct entry of checkweighing values from the digital keypad.

Simplify your changeover to the next product by combining the keypad with the multiple memory option and instantly recalling one of up to 99 different t