Portable Truck Scales

Weigh-Tronix portable scales go anywhere there is an immediate need for on-site truck weighing - mining and timber operations, road construction, asphalt facilities, quarries or construction sites. They can also quickly step-in to fill the gap when other scales fail.

Focus on productivity with same-day setup and operation.

Weigh-Tronix Portable Truck Scales can be installed in just 2-4 hours on any stable surface, including: bridge planks, concrete piers or blocks, a concrete slab or swamp pad. The self-contained modular sections eliminate costly site preparation. Each section incorporates built-in Weigh Bar® weight sensors, leveling pads and dedicated conduit runs for fast setup and disassembly.

Features and benefits

Durability for the long haul - Nowhere is structural integrity more critical than in a portable truck scale. The ability to provide accurate measurement under extreme environmental conditions, frequent moves and heavy loading requires exceptional strength and engineering. Weigh-Tronix Portable scales meet the challenge with sandwich steel construction: a checkered steel deck, supported by full-length structural steel members and stabilized with a complete bottom plate. A continuous perimeter weld seals the entire assembly against moisture and premature corrosion.

Proven Weigh Bar® reliability - In a three-year study on 250 truck scales, the Weigh Bar exhibited an annual failure rate of just 0.75% - compared with an industry average of 3 to 5% for load cells.

To add to the overall reliability, Weigh Bar cable is sheathed in stainless steel and internally routed for superior protection against moisture, wear and rodents.

Permanent installation - When a temporary need turns into a long-term application, there's no need to purchase a new scale. All models of the BMS-P, BMS DT-P and IMXT-P can be readily converted to permanent, low-profile truck scales.

Height: 19 inches

Finish: Sandblasted steel components with epoxy primer and alkyd top coat

Junction Boxes: Stainless steel NEMA 4X

Surge Voltage Protection: Standard

Cable: Stainless steel sheathed Weigh Bar cable and 50' interface cable


• 13' structural "C" channel type bulkheads (one pair) included with 10' wide models

• 14' structural "C" channel type bulkheads (one pair) included with 11' wide models

Operating Environment: -30° to 130° F

Approvals: NTEP, CC#97-074 (BMS and BMS DT) and CC#98-040 (IMXT)