PWLU Inventory Control

PWLU Inventory ControlThe Piece Weight Look-Up is a Windows® 95/98/NT/2000 based program designed to link up to 32 Weigh-Tronix Model PC-820 Counting Scales to a single PC. The PWLU provides a part number based, piece weight look-up database (Access 97 format) that allows you to receive and issue parts from the PC-820, while keeping your entire inventory on one shared PC. The PWLU allows scale entry/ modification of Part Numbers, On-line reporting, time and date set up and uses easily installed RocketPort® cards for multiple scale operation. Scales can be configured with RF transmitter/receivers for wireless communication (consult factory).

The PWLU features a full status screen displaying information on whether scales are on-line or off-line and the active part number currently being searched along with part number/transaction database details. This screen also allows access to the extensive features of the program such as; report generation, backup, import/export, password protection and scale setup.

The transaction fields supported by the PWLU Program include; Part #, PWLU #, 3 description fields, Count, Piece Weight, Piece Weight Units, Piece Weight Updated, Tare Weight, Tare Weight Units, Scale #, Date, Time, Supplier #, Order #, Delivery Note, Customer Name, and 6 additional generic fields. All fields are limited to 16 characters. The 6 generic fields can be used to accomodate specific application data needs.

Edit and Report screens also allow you to edit part information from your PC and view and print reports by Part Number or Transaction.